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Guide to Marvel: War of Heroes for Android and iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Marvel: War of Heroes is a new card battling game by Mobage Inc, that shares similarities with the most popular card battler of all time, Rage of Bahamut. In this game you get to complete missions, take out supervillains and battle against other players and their best heroes, but the real fun is in collecting all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains and adding them to your team. Read on for some tips and tricks to Marvel War of Heroes!

When you are in battle mode, your opponents are generally chosen based on whether or not they are close to your experience level even if you are searching opponents based on resources and not on experience levels. Stick to those whose experience levels are somewhat lower than yours, though, as they are more likely to have fewer rare cards than you and lower mastery levels than you.

In addition, fight people with the lowest amount of defense points possible. You’ll automatically use only enough attack points to match them, rather than your entire stock of points, thereby allowing you to battle multiple times in a row before you have to recover, and also allowing you to gather multiple different types of resources much more quickly. Be sure to use fusion and boosts to power up some of your low power requirement cards, since battling people with low defense points will cause your cards with a lesser power requirement to be put into battle.

To keep going for longer periods of time in the missions and battles, whenever you gain levels, only allocate your ability points to attack power and energy. Ignore defense power, because it is by far the least important of the three abilities especially if you have a rare card or two with a small number of required points. The more maximum energy and attack, the quicker you gain levels, this earning you even more ability points.

Go to your My Page and keep checking your new assignment notifications for ways to earn more free Ultimate Card Packs, which allow you to summon rare heroes and normally cost gold to summon. There are many opportunities for free Ultimate Card Packs, but if you don’t check for them, they are often easy to miss. Often, they will also end up going to your present list instead of your roster, so make sure to always go to the present list and claim everything that you earn.