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Guide to Megapolis for iOS, Facebook and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Megapolis is a new city building game for the iPhone, iPod touch and other iOS systems. It presents a graphical interface much like the original CityVille for Facebook and its twin successors, the long forgotten CityVille Hometown and Cityville Holidaytown for iOS. Since it has no equivalent of ‘energy’ like most city builders have, you can play it all day if you want, just like the original SimCity. Read on for some tips and tricks for Megapolis!

Normally, at your stores and facilities, once you start a contract, you have to wait for a prescribed amount of time to be able to collect your coins or your goods unless you want to use Megabucks to speed the process up. To skip the wait for free though in the mobile version of the game, simply go to your device’s date and time settings and set the time ahead for however much time you’ll need to complete the contracts. Then go back to the game and collect your coins and your goods.

This same trick works as many times as you want and it also works for completing construction on buildings early. Make sure that you are somewhere that has a good connection, though, because if you have bad bandwidth, then once you set your time ahead and go back to the game, it will simply just refuse to load. Also, the time trick works in reverse – if you set the time backwards, it will take even longer to do what you are trying to do.

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There is no need for any of your buildings to be next to a street in order for them to be useful. If you run out of room to build buildings but you cannot afford to expand your city and get some new territory, then simply eliminate all of your streets and arrange your buildings accordingly. You will end up with far more room than you ever thought you had this way.

Since there is no energy in this game, the fastest way though is simply to complete the quests in the order that they are given. Keep doing this and you will always have enough money and goods to keep going without ever getting stuck. And if you get stuck on a task, complete a quest to quickly gain levels, money and goods or spend Megabucks if you need to do so.

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