Guide to Mino Monsters for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

(NOTE: Due to recent major changes in Mino Monsters, this article is now obsolete! Please click here for the most recent tips and tricks guide to version 2.0 of Mino Monsters!)

Mino Monsters is a Pokemon style game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You start out with one monster, you can use candy to catch more monsters, and you can fight your monsters against other monsters and grublings (groups of three monsters who are out to cause mischief). In addition, you also complete missions to earn stars, which include finding someone or something or catching another monster. It stars off quite easy and gets quite difficult. Therefore, read on for some tips and tricks!

When you have already caught a monster or two and you are now grinding on with multiple party members, make sure that the one that needs experience points the most is the one who is doing the majority of the fighting. While your characters get semi-equal amounts of experience at the end of a stage, all of the extra experience that an enemy character drops while fighting goes to the monster who you have sent out to fight.

Save up your candy while you are hanging out in the first two regions of the game, and use only your main character as your fighting character for as long as possible. Earn all the stars that you possibly can so that you can unlock the third stage more quickly, and then go there and start catching other Mino monsters that are level 12-14. Even better, wait until the fourth stage and catch a bunch of level 18-20 monsters.

Don’t use candy to feed your monsters unless your monster is already completely full and happy (and thus, inspired) and you are trying to give them a sugar rush. If this is your goal, know that it takes 4 candies to give an inspired monster a sugar rush. Unless you need to do it in order to get a star, though, just save your candies.

To get your monster ready to fight again faster after they get knocked off (or tame them faster after you catch them), go to your iPhone time settings and set the time ahead by however much time you need to wake all of your monsters up or to tame your caught monster (whichever takes longer). Now, go back to the game and the time will be skipped, and you will immediately be able to use all of your monsters.