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Guide to MLB Stars Collection for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

MLB Stars Collection is an innovative new card battling game for the iPhone and iPad. Picture a game like Rage of Bahamut or Dark Summoner, only with baseball players instead of fantasy monsters, and instead of battles to the death and quests, you scout and compete in baseball matchups against other players and their MLB teams. It’s fun, it’s addicting and it can be difficult at times, but these strategies should be able to help!

Training is one of your main ways of making use of a larger stock of cards than you really need, since you can “sacrifice” a group of players by using them as trainers to power up another player. If you run out of player pack points but you need to stock up on cards, go back to chapter 2 of the scouting missions (Texas), since each scouting takes only 1 stamina point when you’re there. Due to the low stamina cost, your chance of finding more players to use as trainers automatically increases.

Make sure to train your great, star, or superstar players as your first priority over any of your normal, or even your high normal players, though, if you want to field the best team possible. When a player’s rarity is higher, generally they’ll have higher potential and higher statistics, meaning they’ll help you get more wins during the league games.

If you have multiple star or superstar players at the same position, you can do one of two things. Either go to the “trade” under the menu tab and try to trade them for another superstar, or play them out of position. They won’t perform as well when they are playing in a different position than normal (obviously), but for a superstar, their play can still be far better than a normal player.

When you’re in league mode, even if you think you have a really strong team, you should mainly stick to playing against the one or two star players, as opposed to the three star players. With a strong team, these are the ones you can easily beat, thereby adding up to earn you more fame points than one win every once in awhile against a three-star player.