Guide to Monopoly Hotels: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Monopoly Hotels, by Electronic Arts, is a game for the iPhone and iPod touch that branches off of the classic Monopoly board game. As the title suggests, this game centers around becoming a hotel tycoon using hotels that might be familiar if you have played the real Monopoly extensively. You get to customize hotels using all kinds of guest rooms and attraction rooms, which allows you to earn money and experience points, allowing you to unlock and buy more and bigger hotels. Your goal is to eventually own the entire skyline of hotels in your city.
This can take awhile and be slightly tough to do, but with these tips and tricks and strategies, you can make it happen much more quickly than ever before. Read on!

When you are doing the tutorial at the beginning of the game, Mr. Moneybags will give you one piece of gold at the beginning of the game to complete some kind of construction. Don’t use it then, because that is the only good you’ll get for awhile. Save it and let the time run down for the tutorial construction. It takes longer to finish anything later on.

If you want to make a ton of money very quickly, fill an entire hotel full of thimble rooms. They take up only one spot and cost 100 to place and 50 to build, and pay 125 monopoly money every 45 minutes. You can fit a massive ampunt of thimble rooms into one hotel, and the money they make should be more than enough to purchase more hotels.

For earning massive experience points, simply fill an entire hotel with horse rooms. One experience point every two minutes ends up leading to massive experience gain as long as you can stick to remembering to collect from them.

When the money rain happens, you don’t need to tap the cash using your finger tip. That is difficult and when you are deluged with falling money, you can miss a lot of em. Instead, use the fat part of your thumb to click or tap the money, and you will find it much easier to collect all of the money.

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