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Guide to Monster Quest (iOS + Android): Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Monster Quest is a new monster collecting game for the iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and Android by Gree and Funzio. This game combines monster collecting dynamics of games such as Pokemon, monster breeding dynamics of games such as Dragon Story, and the engine that Funzio debuted in Crime City and Kingdom Age for an interesting and fun new game. Your goal is to complete quests in various locations, collect monsters and build up your own territory. Read on for some tips and tricks for Monster Quest!

When you’re trying to decide which money generating building to put into your settlement, don’t decide based on the immediate coin generation abilities of each building. Each building can be upgraded many times over, and each time you upgrade, the coin output skyrockets. You can instantly increase your coin gains by upgrading them. At upgrade level 3, your building will gain roughly 4x the coins as level 1 buildings will. Upgrade your manor for quick and massive coin gains!

When you level up, ignore attack and defense and use your skill points to upgrade your stamina and your monster damage. Your attack and defense can be increased more easily than anything else, specifically by using fusion to create increasingly powerful monsters. The more monsters you have (and the more powerful each monster is), the higher the attack and defense.

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Attack is most important for when you battle or raid someone else, and defense is most important for when someone else battles or raids you. Use this to determine which monsters to breed. Breed high attack monsters together to get monsters with increasingly high attack power and breed high defense monsters together for monsters with increasingly high attack power. Use fusion as much as possible to fill out your monster ranks for the most powerful possible monster army.

In addition to breeding more powerful monsters, use your skill points to increase monster damage upon leveling up. The higher your monster damage is, the less energy that you will need in order to complete quests, which will allow you to complete more of them in a shorter amount of time, and without having to wait for your energy to regenerate.

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Thursday 28th of October 2021

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