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Guide to Montopia for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Montopia is a new card-battling JRPG by Zynga for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android systems. This is Zynga’s first ever entry into a genre of games that is populated by titles such as Monster Maestro and Rage of Bahamut, and this one gets it right and makes it look nice and pretty, too. As a new monster trainer your goal is to explore around the islands, discovering monsters and treasures in the process, and build up your own team of monsters for battle against other players and big bosses. Read on for some tips and tricks for Montopia!

Like any good Zynga game, Montopia is much more social than other, similar games of its genre – if by social you mean that you have to ask other players for help in order to get things done. You need crew mates for this, though, so to get more crew mates, check out the menu, hit the button that says “search for similar level”, and then add every single person that you see.

Once you do that, reload the page, and send requests to everybody else too, and then repeat, repeat and repeat. Even though you can only have a maximum number of crew mates in the game (equal to your current experience level plus 4), sending out more invites than your max will cause your crew to fill up faster, and even to continue filling as you gain levels.

After you send a poke to everybody that you add, go to the MonstaMatic and start spending your Monsta Points on loading up on monsters. The monsters that you get out of here are not only very random, but often very powerful even if they are only common monsters. You don’t need to put any attack or defense decks together, because the game does that for you based on your maximum attack spirit and defense spirit.

To get a large amount of monsters that you can use as multi-fusion fodder (or as fusion fodder in general), go to the explore area and head back to the beginning of the Sunnydale Road on Balmy Island and start questing, since each step there costs only 2 spirit points apiece to do (thereby giving you more steps, meaning a better shot at landing more monsters)

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