Guide to Montowers ~Legend of Summoners~: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies and help

MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ is an anime influenced, innovative take on the old “monster collection game” genre for iOS. This RPG puts you on a quest to get gems and tokens, collect monsters, and battle your way up the tower that has been taken over by evil. The more monsters you defeat at the tower, the more monsters you can get by summoning them via Monster Coins. Read on for tips and tricks for MonTowers!

If you want an extremely easy way to make your way up the tower without too much pain, spend some tokens on summoning a Gachamon monster using the Gacha button when you are in the lab. One Gacha costs 5 tokens, but once you get that monster coin, you can summon that same monster an unlimited amount of times, so if it gets killed later on, no worries. As you earn more tokens you can buy more Gacha monsters, and kill the towers easily.

If you want to speed up energy regeneration or the summoning of a gacha monster, or the regeneration of hit points for your monsters, the best way to do so is to do the following. Go to your iPhone settings menu, and then set the time ahead by however much time you need to complete restoring your energy or generating the Gacha monster. For example, if you need 45 minutes, set the time at least 45 minutes ahead. Now go back to the game, and your monsters will be complete and your energy regenerated. Now go set the time back to normal, and when you go back, you won’t lose your monster or energy.

If you haven’t gotten the monster coin of a monster that you have already beaten, simply fight that monster over and over and over until they eventually drop the coin at the end of the battle. Not only will you have a new monster coin by the end of the ordeal, but you’ll earn a ton of experience points for battling them over and over.

One easy way to stop your monsters from getting killed is to look through your coin box and figure out which monsters have the “Regen” ability, and use three different Regen monsters in battle, so that they can gain hit points after every single attack round.

Continue on for some cheats and tricks in Your free FULL guide to Montowers ~Legend of Summoners~ for iPhone!

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