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Guide to Motor World Car Factory for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Motor World Car Factory is a new game for the iPhone and iPad that puts you in charge of an automotive assembly line. This game will give you a new level of respect for the assembly line concept, as in here, you and your crew of workers build all kinds of cars, from small budget hatchbacks and coupes to race cars, to luxurious BMW lookalikes. This can be a tough complicated game at times, and there are many things that you can do to improve your fortunes in this game, so read on for some tips and tricks!

One major problem that a lot of people have had with this game is that every time you restart it, it takes you back to the tutorial (at least for some people it does) but there is a way to fix this little glitch. Once you get to the part where the game wants you to log into Facebook, do it. Don’t worry about people seeing your posts – when it says “Who can see your posts” turn it to “Only Me” if you don’t want to bug people.

Then, go to the Achievements menu and the game will log you into GameCenter. After you are logged in on Facebook and GameCenter, the game will quit sending you back to the tutorial.

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If it is sending you back, though, you will still keep everything that you bought or unlocked (such as cars or employees), but you’ll get a refill of cash and donuts, so before you log in on Facebook, use this to your adventage, spend all of your cash and donuts on upgrades and other goodies, then close out of the app and restart it. When you start the tutorial again, you will have a full refill of cash and donuts.

After you gain a level, make sure you grab all of the coins and donuts that pop up on the congratulations screen BEFORE you close out of it, or you will lose them. The game doesn’t automatically collect them for you.

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