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Guide to My Dragon for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

My Dragon is a brand new app from Glu Games starring nothing but you and your pet dragon! You can teach your pet dragon to do tricks such as sitting, staying and rolling over, and you can feed them with all sorts of magical treats that dragons like in order to get them going again. You can even send your dragon out on quests to help the king and queen, and earn rewards! Read on for some tips and tricks for My Dragon!

Energy runs out very quickly in this game, and when energy runs out, you can’t do anything ’til it comes back. However, to make your energy rejuvenate immediately without having to wait at all, tap the menu button, go to the time settings for your device, and then set the time ahead by about an hour or so. Now go back to the game and you will have a full energy refill right away with now wait time.

If you want to set the time back to normal before using up all of your newfound energy, you can go ahead and do that, and then go back to the game. Your energy will still be there. So theoretically, you can do this trick as many times as you want, while never having to set your clock more than an hour or two ahead.

If you do this trick and end up losing all of your happiness, though, simply pet your dragon for awhile. While it’s a slow grind to get all of your happiness back, you can increase it by a virtually unlimited amount if you pet ’em long enough. Or buy them a toy to rapidly get your happiness right back.

To find more friends in the game than the ones that you start out with, you have to go to Apple’s GameCenter (or Facebook, whichever one you used to log in) or send people email invites.