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Guide to My Singing Monsters for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

My Singing Monsters is a fun new app by Big Blue Bubble for the iPhone and the iPad. It starts off like another one of those monster and dragon raising games, but there is a little twist to it, in that all of the monsters play music! You can unlock, feed and breed more monsters as you go, and the more different monsters that you unlock and hatch, the more different voices, sounds and instruments that you’ll add to the monster song. Read on for some tips and tricks to My Singing Monsters!

One quick way to earn a lot of coins in the game is to do the following. First, take two of your monsters and breed them. It doesn’t matter which two you do, but the quickest way to make this happen is to breed two of your basic monsters.

Wait for them to breed and make an egg. Then, stick the egg into the nursery and wait for it to hatch. Once it hatches, instead of placing the hybrid on the island, sell it right away. Selling the hybrid will earn you thousands of coins. Do this as many times as you want to in order to earn tons of coins to get what you need.

Alternatively, to earn more coins over long periods of time, breed all of your monsters, and then once you place them into your island, sell all of your basic monsters, breed your hybrid monsters again to make more hybrid monsters, and fill up your island with these hybrids. Doing this, not only will you earn a huge amount of coins over long periods (and over short periods, too), but you won’t have to keep checking back to collect from your basic monsters before they max out.

If you have not done so yet already, go to the config menu and check “increase zoom range”. Now you will be able to zoom out and look at your entire island.