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Guide to My Town 2 – Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

My Town 2 is a location based city building game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It plays very similarly to other city building games, except that this one allows you to build real business that exist near where you live, using Google Maps to give you a local business list and make your city feel a little more personal to you. Your goal is to increase the size and population of your city, make as much money as possible from the business and houses that your build, and expand your city to make room for even more business. You aren’t limited to what it seems like you’re limited to at first, though. To find out what I mean, read on for some tips and tricks.

Early on in the game you should buy and build the
most expensive businesses that are in your business list. The reason for this is twofold. First, the more expensive a business in your list is, the more money you can make from it. Also, as your population increases, so does the price of each business in your shop. It doesn’t take long for the price of one business to go from 1000 to 4000 coins for the same business so build early and often.

Each house that you can build gives you five coins each time you collect from it, so take advantage of this to make more money by building the cheapest houses that you possibly can. To increase the population further, simply build more of them. The more you build, the more of them you can collect from.

To maximize the money and experience you can gain, build three to five different businesses as quickly as absolutely possible. Check in with each one of them, and you will get a 2x speed bonus for all of them. This works best in the middle of long jobs that take four hours to complete.

If you want to build businesses that are not near you, either drive to a different location and refresh your list of businesses, or simply use an app that allows you to spoof your iphone’s location. Pick a different location and then to back to the game and you should have an all new list of businesses that you normally would not have been able to access.

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