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Guide to Ninja Must Die for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Ninja Must Die is a new game for the iPhone and other related iOS devices. This one is an auto running game, in a black, white and red world similar in concept to Madworld in which you play as a ninja who is running through a stage, trying to avoid various obstacles such as ninja stars and katanas. You can run right side up or upside down, and do jumps and bicycle jumps all in an attempt to avoid various obstacles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ninja Must Die!

One of the most elementary strategies to playing the game is to spend most of your time running upside down. In general, you will face FAR less obstacles running upside down than you will running right side up. You should only be turning your ninja to the right side up position when you need to collect a scroll, or during one of those rare times that an obstacle pops up on the bottom half of the screen and you need to turn right side up to avoid it.

Once you see a target start to appear on you, start shifting up and down and up and down, and jumping, so that it gets tougher for the target to accurately lock onto you and shoot you with a spear. It will take between three and five seconds for the target to lock onto you, so make sure to time it right, so that you don’t get shot. Once the target flashes, it will quit moving, so you will know where to go to avoid it.

The challenge levels have less challenges in general than a normal stage will, because they all involve only one single obstacle coming at you, rather than a whole range of obstacles coming at you like in the normal stages.