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Guide to Pocket Island (formerly Magic Land Island) for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Pocket Island is a semi new game by Wooga for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Formerly known as Magic Land Island, Pocket Island puts you in charge of an island under the king’s jurisdiction. Your goal is to grow food, start businesses, build the island up from being desolate to being major, explore new lands on the island, and turn the island into a full fledged city. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Island!

In this game, instead of energy, now everything you do costs you food, a system that makes more sense since energy just seems so arbitrary. However, now you have to actively grow the food in order to be able to do anything besides farming, and some forms of food, such as grapes, can take hours to grow.

So instead of waiting for it all to grow, there is something you can do to speed up the whole process. Simply tap out of the game by hitting the iPhone’s menu button, go to the iPhone settings, and set the time forward by however much time you need to finish growing the food (or doing anything that requires time, such as constructing buildings. Once you are finished with that, collect the food/money, or open the building, go and set the time on your phone or iPod back to normal and continue playing as normal.

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Since you start the game off with a scarecrow, try to stick it in the middle of all of your biggest financial earners, such as the fairy house (early on) and the pub. Move it around as needed to change up which buildings get the biggest money bonus from the scarecrow (it gives a 12% coin bonus to nearby buildings). Once you rescue the lighthouse, put the scarecrow and all other decorations near it as first priority.

Place more farm plots than just the two you have when you start the game. Running out of food is no fun, and waiting for it to grow is even less fun, so circumvent them both by growing double the food with at least 2 more farm plots!