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Guide to Puzzle & Dragons for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Puzzle and Dragons is a game for the iPhone and Android phones that is new to America, but has been around Asia for awhile and has spawned numerous imitations such as Angel Salvation and Jewel Dragon. Puzzle & Dragons is a cross between a card collecting battle game and a match three puzzle game. Here, you have a party of up to six cards, and your goal is to build the most powerful party that you can, match three or more to attack and defeat enemies, and progress through a number of stages, each one tougher than the last. You can even get friends and strangers in on the action too. Read on for some tips and tricks for Puzzle & Dragons!

Even though the tutorial only teaches you how to do up to a five gem combo, you can actually do a combo of up to six gems at a time. A six gem combo will unleash an attack on all enemies, but it will be more powerful than the five gem attack. When you drag and move a gem around, it displaces any gem it passes over by one space, so use one gem to displace a same colored gem (or multiple same colored gems) simultaneously. Use this strategy to line up six in a row horizontally.

Even better, you can use gem displacement to randomly drag a gem all over the board, displacing every gem or simply setting up multiple combo attacks at the same time. You can use this strategy to do massive amounts of damage to enemies since the more combos you get, the more they add up and multiple the damage that each individual combo already does.

At the end of a tutorial, when you get a turn at the rare machine, you might get a super rare high level card that you have to take other cards out of your team for in order to fit it into your deck. Do this. It’s better to have a small team of extremely powerful cards than to have a big team made up of weak cards. You will gain more maximum card points as you level up, so add other cards back in later.

Use power up fusion to level your leader card to sky high levels. You will get pal points and a chance to be added every time someone else picks your leader card as their helper card, so to get them to choose your leader card more often, you want to level your leader sky high or to max level, because people are more likely to pick the highest leveled and most powerful helper card on the list, and each time your leader gets chosen, you get pal points for it.