Guide to Puzzle Star BT21 – High-Scoring Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By | April 6, 2018

Puzzle Star BT21 is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms by LINE Friends, which has become hugely popular in a very short amount of time. Your goal is to clear lines like in Tetris, and to do so, you draw the next piece in with your finger in order to place it anywhere that you can make it fit. Your goal is to quest through levels and make BT21 into Universtars! Read on for some tips and tricks for Puzzle Star BT21!

The piece you draw will tend to be between 1 and 3 blocks in size, and you can see the next two pieces that you have left, so use them wisely and plan to fit them in the smallest spaces that you can stick them. So when you use a one-piece block, fit it into a one-piece space if at all possible. And if you don’t have any left, then make a line and try to avoid creating a new hole.

You can unlock a whole mass of new characters as you continue to play through the game, especially using the gacha or from free gifts. Characters differ not only in terms of score bonuses, but in terms of what kind of special skills they have as well. More common characters tend to be less likely to have special skills, while rarer characters have more skills and bonuses.

Once you get farther into the game and past the tutorial, you will unlock all of the boosters. Boosts include adding three moves to the move count, the ability to swap the next piece out for the second-to-next piece, and the double blocks boosts. Save these boosts for when you end up stuck on a tough level; don’t use them early on with the easy levels or they will just be wasted.

Hit the gift box as often as possible – whenever you see a notification from it, really. You get tons of gifts, whether for free or for completing a task such as a hard level, or even just for logging on for the first time during a day. Make sure to log on every day even if you don’t plan to play, so that you can get those free prizes.

This game, unfortunately, requires a stable internet connection at all times, so make sure that your internet is stable so that you can play continuously. If your internet goes out in the middle of the game, then it will attempt to reset itself. If it goes down multiple times in a row, then the game will simply shut down.