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Guide to R-Tech Commander Colony for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

R-Tech Commander Colony, also known as R-Tech 2, is a new real time strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The mechanics will be familiar to fans of games such as Galaxy Empire or even Command and Conquer and Starcraft, as you build up your base to gather resources, build up your fleet of ships to conquer other planets and colonies, and attempt to achieve domination. Read on for some tips and tricks for R-Tech Commander Colony!

Early on in the game, when you are upgrading your resource-producing buildings, put special concentration into upgrading your crystal and aluminum buildings quicker than the others. These two are the ones which will get used up the fastest when you’re building ships later on, and when you are accepting new settlers into your colony, which is why these should be at the highest level possible.

In addition, start attacking outside resource-producing planets near your base as quickly as possible, because they provide a much quicker source of resources than even your resource buildings on your main colony do. If someone else conquers them from you, you’ll have to conquer them again just like the first time, so conquer them right back.

Get your second commander as quickly as possible, and then upgrade again and get a third commander. If you want to really overwhelm someone with an attack, send out all of your commanders one after the other with full fleets (since they can only have a limited number of ships fly out with them). Let your first fleet damage their first fleet enough to weaken them, and your second fleet cripple their fleet entirely (or your third fleet do that), while you’re recovering the crippled ships that your first fleet lost.

Do the same thing to the titanium mines or the tough computer-controlled ships in the map screen if you want to defeat them easily. Or simply attack a ton of easy computer-controlled fleets at low levels, destroy them and level up your commanders until they’re powerful as all hell.

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