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Radiant Defense: DIY Tower Defense (also known as Radiant TD) is a new spin on the tower defense genre for the iPhone and Android phones. There’s not a lot of innovation in the genre of Tower Defense, but Radiant Defense has managed to drop a load of innovation and go where few in the genre have gone before. You get to build your own routes for enemies to take, a whole lot more towers and weapons to unlock on your own terms, and some of the best graphics in the genre. It’s also extremely difficult, so read on for some tips and tricks to help out.

Most of your weapon needs can be taken care of with the three basic towers that you can build without the research facility. The Beliah Gun Turret, Starcrusher Cannon and Solaris Disruptor Laser are just as effective as any other weapon that you can build, especially when upgraded, and when all three are built next to each other, there is not much that can make it past them.

However, the most useful of the weapons that you can build after buying the research facility is the Pandora Biocid Dispenser. Even if it is a short range weapon, it does a lot of damage and the enemy continues to take damage even when they are not being shot at due to the poison. Of course, the poison effect is reversed when you are going against the self-regenerating enemies, but with everyone else it works perfectly.

In order to prevent getting stuck with no money at the beginning of a wave (if you die and need to restart that wave), don’t buy your upgrades immediately when the round ends. Instead, buy them immediately after beginning the following round, that way you can get them in time to allow them to be useful against the next around of enemies, but you can start the next round over without them if you lose, with extra resources to spend.

Try to avoid spending resources on weapons if you don’t need to, and hoard them up. The more of them you hoard up, the bigger of an efficiency bonus you will get on each round (10% of the resources that you will have for each round). Save up your resources for the later, more difficult rounds when you really need them, especially when you have massive groups of enemies and you need to buy and upgrade more Starcrusher Cannons.

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