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Guide to Reign of Dragons for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Reign of Dragons is a new card battling game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This game places you into a scenario in which you are in a 13 day countdown to the end of the world, and battles are being waged between the Justice, Chaos and Genesis beings. Your goal is to pick a side, engage in the quests leading up to the end of the world, battle bosses and battle your cards against other players’ cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Reign of Dragons!

When you first log into the game each day, you will have 15 minutes where you have unlimited stamina, and your stamina does not drain during any of the quests that you do. Make sure that your first login is somewhere where you have either a strong wi-fi connection or 4G LTE available to you, so that you can complete the quests as rapidly as possible and get the most bang for the buck.

You’ll earn a ton of free cards during the quests, so make sure that if you aren’t going to use them as enhancement mixer cards, start evolving them. You can evolve cards into 4 different forms, and the 4th form will have one more rarity star, and have far more attack and defense, than all three of the main forms.

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To add allies quickly, first go to the Menu button, and then go to the Ally area. Then, search either by level or by newbies (but preferably by level, since you know they will be the ones who actually play the game), and hit recruit. Then, hit the “Add all users on this page as allies” button over and over again. Sure, you can only have 10 maximum allies at first, but sending requests to as many people as possible will earn you allies even quicker.

Each ally that accepts your request, or whose quest you accept, will earn you 3 free boost points. In addition, if you join a guild, you will earn 20 free boost points, so join a guild as quickly as possible in order to start putting together the best attack and defense teams possible.

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