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Guide to Retired Wizard Story for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Retired Wizard Story is a new iPhone and Android game by Westriver putting you into the role of a (guess) retired wizard! As said retired wizard, your sheep have somehow become enchanted and are now escaping from your farm. So how do you keep them from escaping? Put on your robe and wizard hat, put some of that old magic to work, and use your magic spells to tame them again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Retired Wizard Story!

If you are having trouble getting more Diamonds (which are important to have because with them you can buy new attacks and upgrade your pre-existing attacks), your best bet, if you haven’t tried that yet, is to go to the “Get (diamond picture)” button on the weapons upgrade screen, tap it, and then tap the daily gift button of 100 free diamonds. Most people don’t know about this because they simply try to grind it out for diamonds, but the free daily diamonds are a huge bonus.

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If you do this very early in the game, then spend all of your free daily diamonds on upgrading your main attack, the Fire Bomb, as high as you can in order to make it do far, far more damage.

Later on, you’ll unlock the Blaze and Inferno spells, which are considered the “secondary” magic and “special” magic, but save these for after the point of danger if at all possible, because they can drain your mana VERY quickly. Until then, or when you run out of mana, start using the Fire Bomb again (and if it’s already very powerful from upgrades, as suggested, then you should have no problem switching back and forth and not falling behind)

Prioritize your time effectively because the sheep begin coming fast and furiously starting rather early on in the game. Always knock out the fast sheep first (or the warping sheep), then knock out the heavily armored sheep, and then the standard normal sheep last.