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Guide to Royal Revolt! for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Royal Revolt is a new reverse tower defense game for the iPhone and iPad. In this game you are the son of the king, and after coming back from magic school, you find that the king is gone and your relatives have stolen the kingdom, so your goal is to lead a royal revolt against them and reclaim the throne. You can use magic, weapons, and the power of your troops to beat them all. Read on for more tips and tricks for Royal Revolt!

Your best bet for most of the game is to spend your coins on upgrading your soldiers, since you can send a massive amount of them out at a time. Make sure to stick with your team (don’t jump out ahead of them) so that you can heal them. Your heal spell alone is a huge force multiplier, and by the time you get to their castles, you can have a gigantic army crowding your screen.

Even after you beat your aunt with the wooden blockades and her armies, keep using the fire spell and upgrading it. When you are sticking around your troops, the fire spell serves to protect them from any attackers that you come across, and pairing up fire with the healing spell will almost guarantee that your soldiers will not be made short work of as you make your way down the path.

An alternative strategy is to jump ahead of your front line of troops and do hit and run attacks on enemy soldiers and towers. Fire spell, again, is particularly good for this, because you can use it to drain energy from archer towers and enemy soldiers, and watch them continue to lose energy due to being set on fire while you run away to recover energy, then run back at them when your hit points and spells regenerate and do it again.

Wait until your troop calling meter fully charges before sending out all of your troops, that way your front line can be as huge as possible, since they are the ones you will be running out with. That way more troops will be under the protection of the healing spell right from the vey beginning.

The complete guide to Royal Revolt!