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Guide to Running Dead for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Running Dead is a new endless running app for the iPhone and iPad, but unlike other endless running apps, this one actually has a “level” system that takes you through various stages. The game takes place in the middle of the zombie apocalypse, where you either shoot zombies or run clear around them, while trying to avoid the crowd of running zombies behind you that is trying to eat you alive. Read on for some tips and tricks for Running Dead!

Until you have enough coins that you are able to upgrade your gun, a good trick to get an extra shot or two in on zombies is to run yourself into a car or truck or other obstacle, stay there, and shoot until you kill them, then start moving again. Bullets go through walls, except on hard mode, so you can do this at any time.

If you run out of ammo, even though you can’t buy more, you can always go and get free ammo. Simply play a stage again and try to pick up every single ammo box that you see on the stage, but without firing any ammo yourself. Not only will you end up with a whole lot of ammo to use, but you’ll end up with a whole lot of coins, considering that most of the coins that you earn are based off of distance, not off of zombies killed.

Upgrade the firepower of your gun first, so that you can kill zombies while not using as much of your ammo. Then, upgrade your rate of fire. Don’t worry too much about upgrading your aim, as it doesn’t make too much of a difference in the long run.

If you are doing a run for ammo, run around the zombies as best you can. Even if one catches you, you can still turn hard to the left or to the right and still be able to get away from them. Ditto for if you get seemingly stuck by a car or house that’s in a diagonal position.