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Guide to Samurai Vs Zombies Defense: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Samurai Vs Zombies Defense is a brand new iPhone game that takes the style of Samurai Jack (though not the actual Samurai Jack plot itself, as that would be copyright infringement), and puts it in the form of a spin on the traditional “tower defense game”. The twist is that you play as a Samurai in a side scrolling world who has to defend the “gate” from attack by enemies such as zombie samurais, running bombs and the like, using not only your own weapons and special abilities, but enlisting the help of various soldiers such as Farmers and Swordsmen and Bowmen to help you fight back the advancing hordes. After wave after wave it can become quite difficult, so read on for some tips and tricks to make it less so.

Early on in the game, the waves are very easy to beat. You can even beat them simply by doing everything yourself, attacking and using a special move every time they charge up, without calling in help. Don’t fall into this trap and start spending too many coins to level up your own character, though. Later in the game you will NEED to call in the help to win. And by later I mean starting around Wave 6 or 7.

Farmers, despite being weak, are one of your best bets for winning almost every battle, First, wait for your “leadership meter” to charge to 30, and then hit upgrade. Now it will charge twice as fast. Once it’s charging at double speed, you only have to wait for it to charge to 5 to bring in a farmer. Hit the Farmer button over and over to bring in a flood of farmers to take on the zombies. And when you level up, concentrate on leveling your farmer up. Once he’s at least at level 4, he ceases being so weak and he’ll last quite a bit longer against the hordes.

Maximize your coins by running forward and collecting coins dropped by dead zombies. You will earn coins automatically for killing zombies, but you’ll earn even more from the ones you pick up on the battlefield, and once those coins that you can pick up are gone, they’re gone – not automatically collected.

Don’t run ahead too fast, though, or the running bombs (the fastest zombie characters) will run right past you and start attacking the gate, and you’ll have to run back to kill them. Using the Lethargy bonus attack after you unlock it, every time it charges up, is a great way to slow them (and the advancing hordes) down and beat them back away from the gate.

Bowmen are also an indispensible tool to use. They only take 10 leadership points to call in, so you can call in a ton of them, and they can shoot from a distance, killing most zombies without being touched (except for the stronger ones that keep moving even when being hit). Concentrate on leveling both them and the farmers up for an almost unbeatable combination.

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