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Guide to Sea Stars for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Sea Stars is a very cute auto-running, auto-swimming game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You play as Dante the Dolphin, and your goal is to swim as far as you can, while avoiding the jellyfish, collecting coins, and opening up the clams and seeing what prizes you get. You even have other goals that you can complete as the swim goes on, with new goals being swapped in all the time. Read on for more tips and tricks for Sea Stars!

You might know that you can hold your finger down, which will cause you to dive, and when you let your finger go, your character will fly back up and jump out of the water. You can dive mid-jump too, though. Simply press your finger back down in the middle of the jump, or in the middle of going upwards if you’re still in the water. Doing this will help to avoid jellies who come up quickly and crowd the stage.

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The game will often ask you if you want to watch a movie or do an activity to earn 300 coins, so take this opportunity every single chance you get in order to earn those 300 coins. Even when you are not prompted to do so, though, you can still do this. In the main menu screen, go to the store, and hit “Free Offers”. On the next menu click “Watch Movies” and you’ll be able to watch movies for 300 coins apiece to your heart’s content. Watching them will also allow you to unlock the Secret Character.

To call the rainbow birds, do 7 straight high jumps uninterrupted. The way to do a high jump is to sink all the way to the bottom of the sea, then take your finger off of the button and let Dante jump. When he comes back down, a rainbow will be following him down. Do seven of these in a row and the rainbow birds will come.

Go to the store and go to the bottom of the “items” menu to find permanent upgrades that you can buy. These upgrades can increase the distance of speed boosts forever, as well as multiply coins after a certain distance and place multipliers inside of clam shells, and allow you to win more coins out of the clam shell.