Guide to Secret Kingdom Defenders – Ultimate Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

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Secret Kingdom Defenders is a new strategy RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with a battle system that can be described as a cross between Plants vs Zombies, Clash Royale and Shining Force. Your goal here is to go up against moving enemies in battle, changing your position and your mix of hereos around so that you can win every battle, both against the computer and against other players. You can collect lotus flowers, coins, jade, and more, upgrading and equipping your team to be as strong as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Secret Kingdom Defenders!

Mix up your team with a good mix of the melee and ranged heroes. Melee heroes are usually better on defense and stronger on attack, while ranged heroes stay back and fire projectiles, doing (sometimes) less damage and being able to take less damage. Stick your melees (especially your tanks) in front and ranged heroes behind them. Magicians are all over the map (often melee but low health) so use them extra carefully.

Healers are especially important, both to your own party and to the enemy’s party. Keep a healer in your party, protect them with one of your tanks, and let them sit back and heal you unless you REALLY need them to attack someone. At the same time, destroy the enemy healer before anyone else. If the enemy has healers, you won’t be able to defeat their tanks unless you’re heavily overpowered.

The battles can feel a bit slow at first, but unless you have an insanely fast reaction time, take the battle off of double-speed once more than one enemy shows up. You’ll need all the thinking and acting time that you can get due to how quickly the dynamics of battle can shift once a mix of enemies shows up. You’ll need to do a lot of tapping and dragging to make sure that your melee characters keep moving from enemy to enemy instead of going back to their spot while there are still enemies on the screen.

Be diligent about upgrading and equipping your heroes. You can get equipment in places like the secret merchant shop (which pops up randomly on your main map screen) or simply by finding them in battle. You can upgrade your characters by tapping on the button in the lower left corner of the screen, tapping on one of the heroes that you have already summoned, and then hitting the plus button next to your stat of choice. Upgrades cost coins, first 1,000 or 800 (depending on character) for the first one, then 3,000 or 2,400 for the second one of a particular stat, and so on and so forth.

Jade is the premium currency of the game, and as such, it’s the toughest of the currencies to get unless you decide to make an in-app purchase and buy some. The best way to load up on free jade is to earn it as battle rewards for PvP mode, beating bosses, or by completing trophy achievements. Hit the trophies menu to see not only the list of all of the ones that you have completed (as well as collect any rewards that you have yet to collect), but to also check the requirements to earn more of them.

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