Guide to Serf Wars for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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Serf Wars is a fun new strategy and city building game for Facebook, where, like many others, you start with a tiny little kingdom, complete with a castle, and your mission is to grow it into a big, thriving kingdom with a large army of knights and a high population. Read on for tips and tricks for Serf Wars.

The fastest way to earn more coins and more experience points in Serf Wars are the minigames, by far. The best out of all of these minigames is Salaboundin’, a platformer where your character automatically moves forward, and you use the space bar to jump and avoid falling into pits, hitting obstacles, hitting unfriendly creatures, or to catch strawberries. You also come across bubbles, which contain a temporary speed-up for your character. Avoid these bubbles too, early on, unless you’re confident you can keep your run going when you are sped up. Just try to get as many strawberries as possible. You shouldn’t submit your score for this game unless you score over 1,500, because it’s very easy to do with some practice, and you can earn over 1,000 coins and over 100 experience points a pop. Doing this three times a day really helps you build your city quickly.

With all of the mini games, take a few practice rounds before you submit your score. There’s no quicker way to slow down your progress than to submit a bad score because you think it’s a good score. And with all of the mini games, be sure to play them before you start building up your city. You might gain a level and unlock some brand new buildings that will take up less space.

You have two serfs whose task it is to build the buildings that you build, put out fires and do other tasks, and sometimes, it takes forever for them to get ANYTHING done. Speed them up significantly by using the old FarmVille cheat and boxing them in. First, pick a blank space and build a house. When one of your serfs comes over to work on the house, build a second house on top of that serf halfway through the first house being completed. Then, when the first house is completed, place another house on top of your second serf. Both of them will now be permanently trapped inside those two houses, and now whenever you have something to get done, you don’t have to wait for either of the serfs to get to where they need to be – the construction or work starts instantly. You can also box them into a blank space by surrounding it with houses and the same effect will happen – as long as they can’t get around whatever object is boxing them in, they will start their work immediately, from their trapped location.

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That’s all for now! More tips? Comment!

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