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Guide to Ski Safari for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Ski Safari is a fun, entertaining and at times downright hilarious endless “running” game, or in this case, skiing game, for the iPhone, Android and iPad. Your goal is to ski as far as you can and to rack up as many points as you can, both by skiing a long distance, collecting coins, and doing all kinds of tricks along the way, such as flips, or riding on penguins, Yeti and birds. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ski Safari!

Early on in the game, it’s very easy not to lose, because initially the avalanche is extremely slow-moving and is very easy to avoid. However, later on in the stage, the avalanche speeds up rapidly and catches up with you. Make sure to get a huge head start early on so that it becomes easy to avoid the avalanche later on when it start speeding up; meaning, try to avoid getting knocked over by rocks or jumping over the cabins and failing.

When you are riding the yeti or the taxi, if you come across a penguin and run it over, you’ll pick it up and it will be riding right along behind you. When this happens you will not only get an extra speed boost on top of what you already got from whatever it is that you are riding on, but you will earn more points when you do various tricks as well.

When you get the bird, the way to fly is to hold your finger down on the screen in order to fly upwards and release your finger in order to move downwards again. If you fly too high upwards, then when you fall, no matter what landing you do, you will crash and burn. However, if you use your finger to strategically modulate your altitute and not fall too hard, you can land some extremely, extremely hardcore jumps.