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Guide to Smash Cops Heat for iOS: Tips, tricks, hits, cheats and strategies

Smash Cops Heat is a new game by Hutch Games, the makers of the original Smash Cops that proved to be a huge hit on the iPhone and iPad. Now with a whole new tablet to contend with (the iPad Mini), Smash Cops Heat plays more like a level expansion pack than an actual sequel, but that means that it’s just as much of a riot as the original was. As with the previous game, your goal is to smash and ram suspects’ vehicles as well as to accomplish other related missions. Read on for some tips and tricks to Smash Cops!

One of the fastest ways to unlock more vehicles on Smash Cops Heat is to do the following. First, play through enough stages to unlock one more vehicle. It doesn’t matter how well you do on these stages, to some degree, just that by beating all of these stages, you rack up the first fifteen stars and get the Cruiser. Then, go back through all of the old stages with the new vehicle, and you will dominate them and rapidly rack up stars. Do this every time that you get a new vehicle.

One of the best smash tactics is to get slightly ahead of the vehicle that you are chasing. Then, do a rapid turn and ram the vehicle from the front-side diagonal angle. They will go flying up in the air. Position yourself so that you can ram them on their way down, and you can end up doing 2 to 3 times the damage this way, by hitting them when they are vulnerable.

When you are transporting somebody to the station or to the hospital, you’ll have other cars following you that are trying to ram you. Pull a rapid 180 degree turn and ram them first in order to take away large amounts of their energy, then flip around just as quickly and start heading back in the direction that you were going. Repeat this and you will end up destroying at least a few of them, meaning that you will score much higher at the end of the stage.

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