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Guide to Sonic Dash for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Sonic Dash is a new entry in the endless runner genre by SEGA, starring everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog as well as Knuckles, Tails and Amy Rose. Your goal with this, like with all of the endless runners, is simply to run as far as possible, but in this game you run through multiple stages, and rings play the same role as they do in the other Sonic games – both as a currency and as a way to stay alive if you accidentally run into an enemy. Read on for some tips and tricks for Sonic Dash!

Upgrade strategically if you want to get as far as you can in the game. Your first upgrade should be the magnet, because it will help you get more rings, which of course, helps you get all of the other upgrades in the game.

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From there, upgrade the dash boost and the dash fill rate so that you can use the dash move more often, and so that it takes you farther when you use it. The dash meter fills as you collect rings, but without any upgrades, it takes forever to fill. Once you use the dash, though, you run through every enemy and obstacle that you come across until the dash ends. So it serves as a super boost, of sorts.

If you are going to spend real money in the game, spend it on the double rings power up, because that will last you for as long as you have the game if you do, and it will be more worthwhile than all of the other ring purchases. This combined with the magnet power up will have a huge effect on your ring collecting.

Use the down swipe (roll into a ball) as often as you can, instead of the jump move, because it will still allow you to collect rings, and it will allow you to kill any enemy that ends up in your path that you may not see after an overhang or over a hill. If you have to do a jump move, too, you can still swipe down in the middle of the jump to immediately hit the ground and roll into a ball, thus allowing you to maximize ring collection. You can also swipe sideways in the middle of a jump to move from side to side, just as if you were on the ground.