Guide to Spa Life for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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The spa and salon simulator genre is a seemingly evergreen one on Facebook, as new games just keep on coming. One of the newest entries is Spa Life, which was designed by French beauty supply company Clarins, both to promote their product and to give Facebook gamers something new to play. It’s growing rapidly due to its ease of learning. It’s easy to learn, but it’s hard to master. Read on for some tips and tricks to make it easy to master!

Early on in the game, you don’t have much space or a big choice of decorations to work with, but an easy way to increase the income that you earn from your salon is to load up with as many cheap decorations as possible. This increases your style rating which earns you more money per treatment performed on a customer.

The easiest way to do this is to buy a bunch of dividing walls (which cost only 25 cash each, and increase your style by 5 points each) and place them all over every single area of floor that your salon occupies. Make sure to leave space for your customers to walk around and for your employees to go around, but put them everywhere you can. After you unlock better decorations, such as towel racks, you can put away all of your walls in your inventory and open up some floor space.

After you buy an expansion and make a whole bunch of extra space, if you want to recoup that investment quickly, simply put allof those walls back into the new space and make a ton of extra money per treatment performed on your customers.

Customers who come into your salon will onlyrequest the treatments that you actually haveavailable, and if you don’t have an open tablefor the treatment, and are overloaded with customers wanting one of your treatments, they will leave when their hearts run out. Fight this by getting rid of all but one of your treatments, and then build treatment stations all offering the same treatment. Customers will then come in just for that one treatment, and you can put them into open treatment stations much sooner because they’re all the same thing.

To increase your reputation quickly, you need to maximize your customer’s heart ratings. Todo this, buy more than one refreshment station. Heck, even buy four or five of them. Then, save all of the refreshments for one single customer each time they load up. Use all three or four of your refreshments on that one customer so their heart rating is sky high by the time you treat them. Use the best available product that you have in order to make their heart rating even higher, and then by the time they leave with a ton of hearts over their head (meaning, they’re ridiculously happy), just that one single customer can earn you a ton of reputation points. Don’t neglect your other customers though – just make sure they get taken care of, but as long as they get taken care of before the hearts run out, you’re fine.

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That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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