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Guide to Spartan Wars for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor and Spartan Wars: Elite Edition are a mass multiplayer online strategy game that plays similarly to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North and Crazy Tribes, but much prettier. In this game you upgrade your town so that it always produces enough resources for you to train your troops, From there you can train your troops, send them out for battles against other cities, and even engage in god battles between your god cards and the other guy’s god cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor!

One confusing part about the game’s battle system is when you are set to invade other kingdoms, knowing which troops are strong against which troops. Axe, sword, and spear troops are all strong against each other, thus cancelling each other out. Archers are strong against swords. Cavalry are strong against archers and axes. Lancers are strong against archers and swords. Axeriders are strong against archers and spears. Keep all of these in mind when you are sending troops into battle, so that you can send strength against strength.

Upgrade the city hall before you do anything so that you can use its higher level to unlock more buildings and upgrade levels. When you level all of your resource creation buildings to level 3 (40 slaves per building) and beyond, then it becomes real important to unlock the ability to build more cottages. Upgrading City Hall allows you to build a higher maximum number of them.

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After you complete quests, don’t claim the quest rewards until you really need them. If you claim the quest rewards (resources; go ahead and claim the soldiers), then you are at risk of losing them, but if you blow off claiming them until you actually need them for something (keeping soldiers happy, building something new, etc), then start claiming them.

Look around the world map for anybody who has abandoned their city. You can tell if this is the case because their level will be high and when you visit, there will be resource production facilities, but their power will be 0 because their troops have been decimated by previous attackers. Their resources never stop accumulating, though, so take advantage of this.

More tips, to include some helpful advice about the misty cave, to come in part 2 of the Spartan Wars tips and tricks guide!