Guide to Tap Paradise Cove: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

From the makers of the Tap Fish, Tappily Ever After and Tap Zoo games comes Tap Paradise Cove, a game where you can not only build a city, but explore a whole archipelago worth of mysterious, misty islands. As you explore more and more islands, you can discover more and more different artifacts such as castles, natural landmarks such as caves and volcanoes, and even supernatural landmarks. You can even send ships out on voyages to go and look for buried treasure. There is so much land to explore that this game can seem practically endless. It can also seem like it takes forever to get to the next landmark, let alone to even think about future landmarks, but with these tips and tricks you should be able to have an easier time at expanding and exploring practically everything.

Early on in the game, coins (the regular currency in the game) are very few and far between, as most of the houses and other things that you can build do not pay very well in coins. Keep building more and more houses literally as soon as you get the money and experience level for them, though, as the more you build, the more merchants you can build as well, and merchants don’t take long to pay HUGE sums of money early on in the game.

When you are looking for land to expand, you don’t have to buy land that is directly connected to land that you already own. In fact, whatever the next place is that you can explore (such as a cave or a tower), you can buy land right next to it. Then, once you own that land, you can expand to the land with the artifact on it, and explore it, without having to worry about owning the entire island.

There is no way to sell any item that you have already placed on your land, whatsoever. So before you build a building or a decoration, be sure of where you REALLY want to put it before you build it, because the game doesn’t let you change its location.

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