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Guide to Tavern Quest for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

One of the top game genre hybrids of all time is right here in this very game, Tavern Quest, a brand new game by Glu Games. In this game, you play as a runty dragon who has decided not to terrorize humans like all of the other dragons do. Instead, your dragon has followed his dream of running his very own bar and restaurant, serving people fine food and drinks. Your people include heroes, who you can then recruit to go fight RPG style battles. Want some tips and tricks for Tavern Quest? Then read on!

To very quickly speed up the cooking of food, simply go to your iPhone date and time settings, set the time forward by however long you need to spend cooking the food, then go back to the game. When you go back to the game, the dish that you were waiting for (or the drink that you were waiting for) will be finished cooking. Your popularity won’t increase this way, but your productivity will increase very quickly. This also works for selling your food and drinks instantaneously.

When you are sending your heroes out on quests of their own, even if you are out of special ability moves, you can still do one per character just by hitting the hero’s corresponding button again after they are charged up. Save your healer’s ability until your characters are low on hit points, but use everyone else’s attacks immediately. Or if you want to end battles faster in general, put three attackers and no healers in your party.

Buy as many tables and chairs as you can to not only increase popularity, but to sell your food faster. Customers who come in and get stuck with no food will leave unhappy, but if you have more tables and chairs, you will have a higher shot at more happy customers and more income.