Guide to The Oregon Trail: American Settler for iPhone – Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Fans of the original The Oregon Trail must be delighted to know that there is now an iOS sequel. In The Oregon Trail: American Settler, you are the same pioneer family from the original, but now you are settled in Oregon and your job is to build your little homestead into a big ole city. The Oregon Trail: American Settler plays much like FrontierVille for Facebook, as well as similar games such as Wild West Town, but situations similar to that of the original The Oregon Trail pop up, which leaves you picking the high-cost high-risk scenario, the low-cost low-risk scenario, or the middle-cost middle-risk scenario, adding to the depth of your gameplay. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Oregon Trail: American Settler.

If you want to make money and gain experience points quickly, an easy way to do it is to use the old iPhone time cheat. First, collect from, and restock, all of your buildings, so that there is nothing left to do with any of your buildings at least for the time being. Then go to your phone settings, and go to Date and Time, then go and set the clock forward by however much time that you want to (set it forward by as much time as it takes to complete your longest task, at least). Then go back to The Oregon Trail: American Settler and all of your buildings will be ready to collect from again. This will make it very easy to make money, collect wood and earn experience points.

Ignore the farming mechanism for the most part, at least early on in the game. All that you start off with are short-term crops, which will wilt quickly, so it’s better to just buy a bunch of animals instead of a bunch of farm plots, because you can reliably come back to them and collect food.

To earn more money per business, first, pick a blank space that’s the size of your biggest business. Then, cut all of the weeds and trees out of that space if you need to. Leave it blank. Surround the space, though, with a whole bunch of decorations. The more of a bonus the decorations give, the better. Now, when your business or house is ready to be collected from, instead move your business or house into the blank spot with the massive bonuses. Then collect from it and move it back to its old spot, and repeat this with all of your businesses and houses for the biggest monetary bonus possible.

When an animal appears for you to hunt, zoom in to make it easier to shoot the animal. Also, you can tap a big chunk of the screen with the fat part of your thumb over and over and you’ll click both any nearby tasks and the animal. When you do this, your character will ignore the nearby tasks and shoot the animal, so this is a good easy way to blow the animal away and earn food.