Guide to Tiny Monsters for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Tiny Monsters is a new zoo building simulator by TinyCo for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unlike many other zoo building games, you get to build a zoo made up entirely of fantasy monsters that represent elementals such as fire, earth and ice. Each one has their very own special habitat, and each habitat fits two of these monsters. As you accumulate monsters you can feed them and level them up, and then tuck them in to sleep so they can grow even bigger, and repeat the process for the biggest, best batch of monsters that you can get! Keep reading if you want some tips and tricks for Tiny Monsters.

Money can be a bit slow to come by in Tiny Monsters if all you have in your zoo is fire monsters, or if you have a disproportionately high amount of fire monsters. Don’t save up your food for fire monsters – instead, after the tutorial is over, concentrate mostly on rock monsters. The fire habitat allows you to collect only 100 coins at a time, but the rock habitat allows you to collect up to 1000 coins at a time. The only more lucrative habitat is the ice habitat which lets you collect 1200 coins max at a time, but the fastest way to build up your horde of coins is to build more and more rock habitats, essentially maxing out the number you have with rock habitats. Put 2 rock monsters in each one, and use food to level them up so you can earn coins faster.

After the tutorial is done, it is even recommended to sell your fire monsters and their habitats in order to make room for more rock and ice monsters. If you can get 5 of those types of habitats, you can leave the game alone for a very long time, and come back and retrieve thousands and thousands of coins.

Use a bit of arbitrage to increase the speed of your diamond-getting. Take a look at your quests and figure out which quests pay you 5-10 diamonds upon completion. Then, when you are completing those quests, speed them up by spending 1 diamond on finishing what you need to finish (I.E. the hatching of the ice monster, or the completion of the dream room, or the sleeping teen monster becoming an adult). This becomes a diamond well spent once you start racking up quest diamonds. If the hurry-up costs more than 1 or 2 diamonds, though, wait until some of the time elapses, driving down the diamond price, and then hurry it along.

Don’t bother spending any money on decorations; they are useless and they cost a pretty penny. The money is better spent clearing out objects or buying new habitats and eggs, which will earn you experience (in the case of clearing objects) and money (in the case of eggs and habitats).

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