Guide to Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy for Facebook: tips, tricks, cheats, hints, and task 39 help

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Total Domination: Nuclear Strategy is a Facebook game that blends elements of real time strategy, tower defense and city building to create a unique and interesting game experience. You can fight wars, create alliances and build and expand your base into an absolute powerhouse. Read on to learn more about Total Domination.

In Total Domination you have uranium mines, titanium mines and vaults, which earn you more uranium, more titanium, and more credits – these are your three resources. Unlike many other Facebook games, you do not have to manually collect anything from these units; they will simply add to your credit, uranium and titanium totals automatically. Usually when you come back to the game after not playing for awhile, your resource count will automatically be full, so build and upgrade a warehouse to stockpile resources while you’re gone. In fact, the warehouse should be the FIRST thing that you build and upgrade, before literally anything else. Without a warehouse that can hold a good amount of resources, you’re wasting time when you’re offline and you’re severely limiting your ability to train troops, build new buildings and gain experience levels.

To protect your base from attacks, your first line of defense are your defensive troops. The Cyberdogs are your first defensive troops, so unlock and build those as soon as possible before your hit level 9, because after you hit level 9 you are vulnerable to attack. Before you start using your troops to attack other bases, ALWAYS have an army of Cyberdogs on hand, because if you get attacked or raided in retaliation, you’ll get crushed without Cyberdogs or defensive fortifications.

Before you start focusing resources on troops, focus on upgrading warehouses and building and upgrading vaults and mines first. The sooner you upgrade them, the quicker you’ll get resources and the more resources at a time you will be able to store, and the more things you can spend resources on, the faster you can gain experience levels.

You can get more crystals by completing tasks or by gaining levels. Once you build a radar and an industrial syndicate, you can find deposits and mine them for crystals as well. This is the only way to gain them so conserve them and don’t use them unless really necessary until you have enough of them that you can spend them freely. Defensive fortifications, walls, and weapons such as gun turrets all cost crystals to buy, and everything that you can buy on the black market costs crystals as well.

To complete task 39 , you have to wait for your scientists to send you a new module. Each day you’ll get sent a new module by a scientist, so you simply have to wait a day for your scientists to send you a new one after task 39 opens up, and then read the report from your scientist. You have to do this with a module after task 39 opens – you can’t do this with a previous module. Also, don’t sell the module that you get after the task 39 – if you get it and read the report and the task doesn’t register as completed, let the module sit in your inventory for awhile and it will register as being completed.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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