Guide to Tree World for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Tree World, or TreeWorld for short, is a new game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad that puts you in charge of growing your very own tree with all sorts of cute little critters on it. Your main currency is Tree Food, and Tree Food allows you to grow your tree higher and higher, add branches to it, get more food for your animals (in the form of fruits, vines, moss and other growth for your branches), and get even more animals. As they eat you get even more tree food, allowing you to expand your tree higher and higher and higher. Read on for some Tree World tips and tricks.

As often as possible, try to get your animals from Poppy rather than from the menu where you can buy new animals. Poppy very frequently gives you new animals that are uncommon or even rare, and they are free, as opposed to all of the common animals from the tree list that you can pay for. Sometimes, though, he gives you repeat animals, or animals that don’t “like” the food that is presented.

When you have an animal on your screen, tap the creature and hit the “i” button to figure out what kind of food they like and dislike. If they “like” a particular food and you match them up with the branch that contains the food that they like, you will earn tree food far, far quicker than you would if you matched them up with a food they “dislike” (which is also in this menu).

However, if you just need to fill branches and have a disproportionate balance of which animals like which food, go ahead and stick some animals on a food that they don’t like until you get a new branch and are able to put their favorite food on it. Then, tap them and hit the “catch” icon and move them up to the food they like.

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