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Guide to Valor and Valor HD: Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies – The Beginning

Valor and it’s high definition relative, Valor HD, are a pair of identical iPhone and iPod touch strategy games. In these games there are multiple worlds, each containing multiple cities, and your job is to manage your city and turn it into an empire by dominating or allying with other players of this game. You can even start a guild or join another player’s guild for an extra boost in war and trade.

Your goal is to gather resources and upgrade your buildings, earning points for your city, and trying to become top of the list of top ranked players by fighting your way up. It can be quite a bit difficult to figure out at times, but with these tips and tricks you should be well on your way to getting to right.

Starting off the game, you’ll pick a world to join up with. You can place your city in either of the 4 corners of the world (northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest), or just place it in a random place. After you do, you will have no useful buildings, but a decent amount of resources. You’ll also have 3 days worth of protection from being attacked of other players.

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While you are in that protection mode, you should put full concentration into building up your resources and making sure that you have every single building that you need in order to make your city run. Every building that begins at level 0 should be upgraded to at least level 1, but your best bet (or better bet) is to upgrade as many buildings as possible, as high as possible. You can only do two buildings at a time, but you start off with 70 gold, and it costs 50 to increase your building queue to 5, so that’s 50 gold well spent to get a leg up on the competition. This is effective for 7 days which is more than enough time to make everything happen that needs to happen.

Within this time span, the first priority should be to upgrade the warehouse, the lumbermill, the farm, the ironmine and the quarry. The warehouse lets you store all of your resources, while the farm, lumbermill ironmine and quarry let you earn food, iron, stone and wood.

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