Guide to War Commander for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

War Commander is a brand new tower defense game by Kixeye, the company behind Backyard Monsters. It takes a similar gameplay engine as Backyard Monsters but it adds many improvements, such as better graphics, the ability to control your troops yourself, and many different types of battle units such as tanks, ships and planes. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. However, with these tips it will be much, much easier to master.

In War Commander, your troops are not only your offense, but unlike similar games, they are also your defense. Having a lot of troops to defend your base is just as important as building defense towers. The defense towers, though, take more damage than troops do, plus they deliver more shots per second, so maximize your defensive towers before you get attacked for the first time in order to more easily stop potential attacks in their tracks.

As for your troops, don’t place them too far away from your buildings. Build all of your buildings very close together to make them easier to defend. Place your troops in between the buildings to make sure that they give any potential attacker a swift beatdown.

An excellent strategy with the defense, though, is to move your oil refinery, metal factory, oil storage and metal storage off, along with your command center, to a separate area of the base from everything else, and then build the majority of your walls, and place most of your troops, around these buildings. These are the resource buildings and these are what any of your attackers are going to be going after. The other buildings provide experience points, but nothing else.

Keep this in mind when you attack as well. Scout your target’s base to make sure their resource buildings are not too heavily guarded before you attack. If they have storage buildings, even better, and if their storages and refineries are leveled up, still even better. If they’re not under damage protection but most of their base is still leveled due to a recent attack though, avoid them. Even if there’s nobody to attack, there’s always the PvE computer controlled bases, which will always have a good amount of resources.

Also, when you attack, don’t be afraid to get the battle directed in your favor. When you click an enemy building or an enemy, your troops will all target it, but you can also choose to sit back and watch the action. If you do this, though, your troops will attack whatever they want, and often they will separate and get disjointed, so it’s up to you to bring them back together using this tool.


War Commander for Facebook: Attack strategies to raid bases, avoid damage protection and collect massive amounts of resources

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them in comments!

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