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Guide to Warmongers for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Battle Strategies

Warmongers is a new iPhone and iPod touch game with a simple yet challenging premise. The goal of this game is to get more of your warriors to the goblin side before the goblins get too many of their guys to your side. This is accomplished by building up mana, spawning more of your warriors, sending them down different lanes to fight against the goblins and to try to disappear across the other side. Various powers and bloodlusts are there to help you as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Warmongers!

Spearman might seam weak at first, but they are cheap in terms of Mana spent which is a huge advantage in and of itself. Sending one or two against a whole line of goblins is suicide; however, let your mana build up and send a huge line of them to take on a big line of goblins. They will destroy them quickly and incur few to no losses.

However, once you unlock one blood token, spend it to unlock the knight’s bloodlust. The knight can stun an entire line of goblins so send out a line of spear men followed by one knight, use his bloodlust and annihilate a goblin line.

You can tell what the goblin’s powers are by what color they are. Go to the shop and look at what the special powers of your colors are. Same for the knights, except for the blue one, since knights do not use mana.

Change your color to blue as soon as possible, but not before unlocking massive amount of upgrades to your spearman. Your spearmen will become fairly powerful after an attack upgrade and a bunch of level ups, and blue is the color that earns you mana much more quickly, meaning you will be able to very effectively flood the goblins with your heroes.