Guide to Wasteland Empires for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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Wasteland Empires is a brand new strategy, tower defense type of game for Facebook, similar to games such as Backyard Monsters, Edgeworld and Battle Pirates. Your goal is to clear out your wasteland, build up your town to the point where you’re loaded with people, resources and food, and defeat other players (as well as computer controlled players) who are trying to do the same. Here are some tips and tricks to help you at Wasteland Empires.

If you’re having trouble clicking on things (I.E. clicking on rubble to collect it when it’s done, or getting the pop up screen that allows you to scavenge the rubble to pop up, do this: Click on the very bottom of the highlighted part of the rubble. This causes the actions screen to pop up every time, and if you need to click it to collect resource that you have collected, this will cause the resources to be collected properly every time. If you click on the top half of the item, the game won’t read the click as being an action, and will simply act like you did nothing. So click the bottom half of the item.

Clear the rubble out that doesn’t take a long time to clear, or a lot of people to clear, first. For example, spend your time on the rubble that takes 5 people and 10 seconds, or the rubble that takes 8 people and 30 seconds, first. If you want more townspeople to help clear out rubble and build buildings but you have already maxed out on your simple dwellings or other shelters, and can’t upgrade them fully, you can either disband units, or wait until all of your units get killed in battle. The amount of units lost is equal to the amount of townspeople gained, so when you are loaded with townspeople, that’s the perfect time to start clearing out rubble and building more buildings, before you decide to make more troops to send into battle.

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Make multiple kinds of troops at the same time. You can fit one different type of troop into each space in your queue in the martial hall (no matter how MANY of one unit you train, all of that one unit will be grouped into the same spot). But if you have multiple units grouped into multiple spots, they will all get trained at the same time, cutting in half (or one third, or one quarter, depending on how many spots you are using) the amount of time you need to train someone.

Sometimes your resource buildings will fill up early if you shut the tab that your game is in, and then reopen the game. Use this to LOAD up on resources.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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