Guide to Zombie Farm: tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Zombie Farm is a game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that combines two of the most popular genres in social gaming today: farming games and zombie games. In Zombie Farm your goal is to create a productive farm full of both plants and zombies. Your plants serve the purpose of making money and your zombies will join your zombie army, giving you benefits ranging from fighting against other farmers who you raid and invade to fertilizing your plants for you. Read on for tips and tricks.

Once you have eight zombies, you have the ability to invade other farms. Sixteen zombies is the maximum that you can have, though, and the more zombies that you have, the better for invading.

Plants are almost useless after you can start invading other farms. Each one that you harvest makes you money and earns you experience points but between how much each seed costs and how much it costs to plow each square (ten coins per square), it adds up to really cut into your profits. A much more efficient way to make money is, first, to plow a massive amount of plots, and then to plant zombies in all of them. Even if you have sixteen zombies already, just do this. Don’t harvest them though or they will automatically sold. Invade people and when zombies die, replace them as needed out of your zombie plots to always keep your army full.

You don’t even have to wait for your zombies to be completely starving before you can invade and win if you use the above strategy. Even if your zombies keep getting distracted, keep clicking and redirecting their thoughts as fast as you can and if you can keep up, you can still easily defeat the farmers that you invade. You might lose a few more zombies in the process but that’s what the backup farm plot zombies, ready to harvest are for.

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