Guide to Zombie Highway for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

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Zombie Highway takes the popular medium of Zombie games, and fuses it with the growing medium of driving games for the iPhone. In Zombie Highway, you’re driving a vehicle (an SUV to start the game with) and it is your job to avoid zombies, and when zombies latch onto you car, you remove them one of two ways: shake them off of the car by skidding the side of the car against an obstacle, or shoot them with a variety of guns. Zombies will gradually tip your vehicle and turn it in other directions when they latch onto your vehicle, and eventually they’ll flip it and you lose. Your goal is to go as far as you can without losing. Read on for tips and tricks on how to go the longest that you can.

There are three ways you can avoid getting zombies latch on to your car in the first place, so that you don’t even have to shake them off, One is to drive on the opposite side of the road from the zombies, so that when they jump for you, they have such a long distance to go that they crash and burn when they’re trying to get to you. This one doesn’t work as well, though, with the strong zombies, especially not the red ones.

The second is to drive behind the zombies – doing this, they won’t even try to jump for you. The third, and my favorite, is to hit the zombies with your car, which not only doesn’t let them latch onto you, but gets you credit for a kill. To kill them effectively, aim the center of the car slightly behind the zombie so that the corner of the front end of the car hits the zombie almost from behind. Even when zombies latch on, you can still hit other zombies, while at the same time trying to shoot zombies off and/or knock them off.

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To most effectively use obstacles to knock zombies off, aim the car at the edge of the obstacle (rather than right next to the obstacle) and then turn away from the obstacle right before you hit it. You’ll graze the obstacle but you won’t slow down, and any zombies on the side of the vehicle that you graze will take a hit.

You can go fairly far off road in your quest to avoid zombies. Don’t spend too much time off road, though, or you will get flipped over by the sand and die anyways. Go off road for awhile to avoid zombies, and then go back on the road once the zombies start showing up off road to try to jump on you.

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