Guide to Zombie Tsunami for iOS, part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the tips and tricks of the Zombie Tsunami guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

To maximize the speed at which you earn brains (and therefore, lottery tickets), make sure that you hit every vehicle that you are able to when you have enough zombies to flip them. Jump with your left hand instead of your right hand, so that you can look ahead in the stage and therefore have more time to be able to tell what’s a vehicle and what’s a bomb without your right thumb blocking the view.

In addition, when you are buying upgrades, look at the entire upgrade hierarchy, so you can see where the extra zombie upgrades are. Work towards the extra zombie upgrades until you get to the point where you begin the stage with 4 zombies at a time. Once you get those, you’ll be able to flip over all of the vehicles that appear at the beginning of the stage, thus allowing you to earn far more brains, much more quickly.

Other important upgrades include the ones which affect the various power ups that you collect in the stage. For example, the first ninja upgrade will allow your ninjas to swing swords, which will cause them to slice right through cars, helicopters, bombs, and any vehicle which you have to have a certain amount of zombies to destroy. You’ll no longer need to have that amount of zombies to destroy that vehicle.

To ensure that you make long jumps every single time, jump at the very end of each platform, right as your zombies are about to be one millimeter from falling off the cliff, and hold the jump until it’s completely done. If you do this every time, you will never miss a jump, unless you are late in the run and you have the quarterback power up, since quarterbacks tend to be slow.

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