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Guncat – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Guncat seems like a meme waiting to happen. You play as one of many cats, wielding one of many guns, shooting at every bird you can, in order to try and collect birds and trade them in for coins. It’s an absolutely crazy game idea but it’s oddly addicting, and you’ll more than likely find yourself staring at the screen looking for the last bird that you need to complete the collection. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guncat!

The most important thing to remember is to know how to work the multipliers. Every time that you land a consecutive shot without missing, you add another 1x to the multiplier count, whether it’s a kill shot or whether you’re merely knocking back a bird with a helmet on. If you miss with a bullet, though, then the shot counter will go back down to 1x (or whatever your base multiplier is).

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Avoid shooting the bomb birds; if you shoot one, it will blow up and you will automatically lose the round. The farther into the round you go, the more of these birds will show up and the less space there will be in between them. This will require you to be extra careful in dealing with these birds.

A good way to deal with the later times is to aim only for the ammo box birds when they start getting tight. You’ll have a limited amount that you can focus on at a time, so focus on that which is most important. When you let birds go by, they will hit you and steal your ammo, but when you successfully shoot an ammo box bird, you’ll recover that ammo that you lost.

Save up your coins if you care about high scores. Don’t spend them on new cats or new hairstyles. Instead, save them up so that you can buy better guns with them. The better guns will provide more ammunition as well as better shooting abilities, so these are important purchases; however, they do get expensive as you go.

Keep checking for the birds that you have not gotten yet, so that you can look for them when you’re shooting. Go to the collection area and look for the birds in green; these are the ones that you have not yet acquired. The birds in brown are the ones that have been shot down already.