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Gymnastics Superstar – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Gymnastics Superstar: Get a Perfect 10 is a new Cocoplay and Tabtale game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal in this game is to train your gymnast, style her up, and then put together a medal-winning routine, competing for your country and for yourself. You can record your routines, learn new routines, and more in this game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gymnastics Superstar!

This game has an absolutely ridiculous amount of ads unless you purchase the ten-dollar in-app purchase but it is possible to play the game without all kinds of disturbances and to do it for free. If you want to do that, set the phone or tablet into airplane mode or simply turn off the data and/or WiFi to make it so that the internet stops connecting. The internal ads will still show up, but the ads for other stuff will quit showing up.

You need to have three stars in order to go to the gymnasium and compete at a tournament. In order to get a star, go to any one of the other buildings except for the store and complete whatever you have to do there. You can go to the salon and do your nails, go to the dress up area to get more clothes, or go to the makeup area to do your makeup.

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You are judged based on three different characteristics – style, moves, and winning (medals). You’re going to have go to these training areas to get stars anyways, so go to the ones where your stats are lagging. Go to the training area if you need to level up your moves, and go to any of the styling areas if you need to up your style score.

To up your medal score, though, you have to specifically win medals. To a certain degree, it really doesn’t matter what moves you choose. Just choose a good variety for a better judge score. You can choose four moves in the free version and eight moves in the paid version of the game. You will get a higher medal ranking when you have higher fitness and style scores, as well.

When you’re in the makeup area, you can get your stars quickly, if that’s all that you care about, by simply tapping a little tap of the makeup or nail polish on, or putting on one nail. If you’re in the training area, ALWAYS pick the hard mode – it’s barely any tougher than the easy mode, and you’ll get three times the amount of skill points.