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Happy Glass: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Happy Glass is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to catch falling water inside of a glass. Sounds simple enough, but you have to direct the water and/or support the glass by drawing lines using your fingers. You can get coins, use hints to figure out what the best move forward is, and go through hundreds of levels of challenging and perplexing puzzles. Read on for some tips and tricks for Happy Glass!

Your goal is to draw the right line with as little actual line used as possible. The more line that you put down on the screen, the lower that the green line bar will go. If you use little enough of it, you’ll get three stars. Your star rating goes down after your bar drops below specific levels. Some levels have more margin for error than others, so keep that in mind before drawing your lines.

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Every ten levels, a new type of challenge will enter into the game – for example, after level ten you’ll have to use lines to support the cup, and after level 20 you’ll have to use lines to block orange balls from falling inside the cup and pushing water out.

If you want to use a hint, it will cost 100 coins, and you start off the game with 250 coins. A hint will show you exactly what to draw, and if you tap on the screen when a hint pops up, then the line will be drawn automatically. A hint will beat the level, but the path drawn by the hint isn’t the ONLY way to beat the level. It’s just a line made by a developer.

If you want to get more coins, the easiest way to do so is to beat a level, then when you’re done, on the victory screen, you will see a pop-up that says to spin the wheel. If you tap the offer, then an advertisement will play. Once the ad video is done, then you’ll be able to spin the wheel for a random number of coins.

Another ad video offer that is available is to automatically turn a two-star score into a three-star in exchange for watching an ad video, instead of having to replay the level. You can also go back to the level-select afterwards and replay the level, or any other level that you have one-starred or two-starred, and try to three-star them. Do that if you need more stars in order to unlock more levels.