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Happy Street for iPhone: How to get more wood logs, red crystals, tulips, mushrooms, toadstools, apples and water

In Happy Street, the game isn’t all just about building a bunch of buildings, housing a bunch of people, and making a lot of money. There is a whole other world beyond what’s there in the city. Once you go to the forest, you can go to Nyok’s house and cook up a bunch of different meals and potions, but you can also go foraging in the forest and find a bunch of items. The forest is your source for wood logs, red crystals, tulips, stuff you can cook, and toadstools and mushrooms. Read on to find out how to get more of all of those plus water and apples!

To get wood logs, first, unlock the forest gate. This happens early on in the game. Then, go to the forest and tap on each of the trees three times. You will get three wood logs, and leave a stump behind. That stump will grow back into a tree in 20 minutes. Expand in either direction to open up more land, which has more trees on it to begin with, or simply go to the store menu and buy more trees.

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To get mushrooms, toadstools, blue tulips, golden tulips and red tulips, look around on the forest floor and you will find all of them. Regenerate them afterwards by setting the time forward with the iPhone. To get red crystals, expand one space to the left after you unlock the forest, and a Sacred Rock will be a part of the land. Tap it every hour to get the red crystal from it.

Once you unlock the apple tree, build one (or more) on your street. It will grow apples over time, holding a maximum of six apples before it runs out of room. Then you can pick it in order to get more apples.

To get more water, after you unlock the water mill, build it. Then, go to the workshop and craft wood logs into two wood planks, and then craft the wood planks into a water bucket. After you do that, you can then use the water bucket to collect water.



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