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Happy Wheels – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Happy Wheels is the mobile incarnation of the old browser game hit, in which Business Guy and a whole host of other characters roll at high speed through a series of insanely lethal obstacles. Make it through and you’ll win, probably with a little bit of blood spilling out too. Lose, and you’ll die in a hilariously gory manner, and typically you’ll end up in about 100 pieces. Read on for some tips and tricks for Happy Wheels!

Always take it slow during your first round or two in a new level. If you come up on an obstacle too fast, you’ll surely die in some blood-soaked manner before you even see it coming or figure out what it is, so come up to it slowly so that at least when you die the first time, you’ll know what to do next time.

You can play almost any level that you want right from the beginning, but it’s still recommended to start at the easier levels. For example, Business Guy has 15 levels to start off. If you try to play level 15 right away (or even after beating the first five), it will seem nearly impossible. Go in order and the harder levels will seem easier as you come up to them.

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There are a whole bunch of extra characters in the game, but they are not in the game just yet. These include Irresponsible Dad, Wheelchair Guy, Effective Shopper, Moped Couple, and Pogo Stick Guy. Make sure to keep checking back in the iOS App Store or the Google Play store to see when the next update comes out, because the next update is sure to add some new characters.

Check out the level editor mode in order to create your own levels for other people to play. There is no central area to share levels that you have made, yet, although that could be coming in a future update. You can either send them to people via Game Center, or you can give the phone to someone else who plays and let them try your levels. At least until the central sharing location comes around.

Change the Max Particle settings in the settings menu if the game is slowing down your phone for some reason. This mainly is an issue for old phones, not for new ones. When the particles are set really low, then some of the blood spatters that should appear, won’t appear. If you set the particles higher, more blood will appear.