Hard Time (Prison Sim) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Hard Time is a new prison simulation game for the iPhone, iPad and Android. No, that was never a real genre before this game existed, and obviously, there has never been anything quite like this game on any videogame system. It’s an open world game in which you talk to and fight with guards, other prisoners, and others. You have to make the most of your stay in prison, and you can roam around the entire prison, choose how to fill your day, and basically just have fun with doing whatever you want. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hard Time (Prison Sim)!

You have four main statistics that can be improved or dropped as you go through the game. Strength, agility, intellect and reputation are your stats. Strength will help you win fights more easily, agility will help you not to get trapped in ground battles as easily, intellect will help you win more court cases, and reputation will decide how you get treated by wardens and other prisoners.

To improve your strength, get in more fights, or lift heavy things. For example, go to the exercise yard, pick up the weight, and then press T to start lifting it, and you’ll get stronger. Agility is improved by running and climbing on things. Intellect is improved by reading or by playing musical instruments, or by learning new things from others in the prison, while reputation is earned by fighting (and winning), riding motorcycles and running people over, and picking up weapons and attacking people with them (especially wardens).

Make sure to keep track of your basic needs, such as going to the bathroom, hunger/energy refills, and sleep. Go to the bathroom when you see the bathroom meter begin to drop or else you will soil your pants, which will drop your reputation extremely quickly. Eat and sleep in order to keep your energy bar, your brainpower and your statistics high. If your energy bar runs out you will fall asleep in the middle of the floor until you recover a small amount, and if your brainpower drops to the bottom, you’ll lose all of your buttons, and your character will flip out and start attacking everyone.

You can break out of the prison from the exercise yard, and then explore a whole lot more areas outside of it as long as you avoid the cops. Run towards the fence, then when you get close you’ll climb the fence. Hold the run button to climb all the way to the top, then press it again to jump off on the other side. Once you are over, avoid anyone who looks like a cop. When they catch you, you’ll be sent right back, with a few days in prison added if they find you guilty.

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